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Jobs & Volunteering Opportunities

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Hi everyone! FoodCycle is launching in Doncaster on 2nd July and we're looking for volunteers to join us!

FoodCycle is a national charity that runs free community meals. With community dining, week in, week out we feed the hungry and give company to the lonely in our communities; providing delicious meals and great conversation, and using food which would otherwise go to waste. We have 85 meals across the England and Wales and are just about to start open our first meal in Doncaster!

The new Doncaster FoodCycle meal will run on Tuesdays with volunteers helping out from 10.30 – 3pm. We will do our first practice cook on Tuesday 25th June and then run weekly after that.

If you love to cook or meeting new people and making them feel welcome, then come and join us.

More info & sign up here: Food Cycle | FoodCycle Doncaster Central

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