South Yorkshire PPE Position Statement

April 9, 2020

Across South Yorkshire it is recognised that staff are feeling anxious about the potential risk to their health of carrying out their usual work activities during the Covid-19 pandemic. Media stories of threats to the supply of PPE, inconsistencies of approach between staff in virtually identical work-based scenarios and changes to guidance have significantly increased that anxiety.


Whilst this is a complex and changing situation, there is enough known about the epidemiology of Covid-19 to develop some simple and clear guidelines for use of PPE by staff across our region.


The guidance has been developed based on the following, agreed principles:


  1. We will act together to ensure the safety and reassurance of all our staff and clients.
  2. PPE will be supplied according to evidence of efficacy and assessment of clinical risk.
  3. All efforts will be made to secure a reliable and adequate supply of suitable PPE.
  4. If supplies were to be threatened, distribution would be prioritised according to clinical risk and ‘mission criticality’.
  5. PPE does not negate the need for social distancing and hand and respiratory hygiene.

SY PPE position statement final – fullversion 7 April 2020