Join us in enriching our community

Is your organisation eligible?

  1. Membership is at organisational level (and not at individual level).
  2. Voluntary Action Doncaster reserves the right to approve or decline an application for membership.
  3. Member organisations that undergo significant changes in their corporate form, including mergers, will be subject to review of their eligibility, effective from the point of change.
  4. Voluntary Action Doncaster will review its membership policy (including its membership fees policy) from time to time in consultation with existing members.
  5. To receive introductions to volunteers via the Volunteer Hub, member organisations must follow the guidance set out in the Doncaster Volunteering Guide – JUNE 2020 and have effective processes and procedures in place to manage and support volunteers. 

What we need from you…

Each member organisation is asked to:

  • identify and designate the appropriate individuals working within that organisation who will receive communications and have access to member resources through the Voluntary Action Doncaster website.
  • take all practical steps to keep the individual contact records Voluntary Action Doncaster holds for their organisation accurate and up to date.
  • Let us know what challenges you face and what support you need
  • Respond to our Membership Survey, which will also provide us with a summary of the progress and achievements of the people you are supporting.
  • Share your good news stories, so that we can demonstrate the positive contribution we are making to Doncaster.

Terms of Membership will be circulated to all member organisations annually.

Please remember to maintain social distancing

be careful, be responsible, be safe