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Newsletter and Update No. 84 – 18 August 2023

Aug 18, 2023

Newsletter and Update No. 84 – 18 August 2023


Cath Witherington

Cath Witherington, CEO Introduction

This week I attended a workshop with colleagues from the VCSE (Voluntary, Community, Social Enterprise) Alliance Steering Group.  In essence this is my peers from Rotherham, Barnsley and Sheffeild together with a colleague from the South Yorkshire Integrated Care System.  As part of this we were given time to reflect on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats we face as social infrastructure support organisations across South Yorkshire.  It was really interesting to see and hear that despite all being very different in respect of our respective size, shape, scale and longevity – there was a remarkable level of consistency in our respective self assessments.  The two things that really stood out for me:

  • We all said that a key strength we all shared is our teams 
  • A common weakness is that we don’t do enough to shout about our achievements!

Essentially we all said that our teams are amazing and do a great job but that we need to get better at shouting about the good things we do and differences we as organisations and the wider sector are making in our respective areas and as a region.  

This really brought home to me about just how important the work we are now doing with the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research really is.  In order to be able to raise the profile and be an effective advocate of the VCSE we need to really have our finger on the pulse and have an up to date picture of the size, shape and great work the sector is doing.  Of course we know that voluntary, community, social enterprise and faith organisations are doing great work in Doncaster, and we are always happy to promote events and share your success stories.  But we don’t have up to date information about the Doncaster sector and we lack comprehensive data on your activities. This survey is to provide an up-to-date picture of groups and organisations, to identify the makeup of the sector, the challenges it faces and development areas – so that we can tailor and improve the support we provide to the sector.

This is an opportunity for all VCSE groups and organisations to shout about the important work that you and to make sure it’s part of the ‘Doncaster picture’ as well as the wider ‘South Yorkshire picture’.   Not only that, but it’s an opportunity to highlight the opportunities and challenges we face as a sector providing vital evidence for us all when we are making those essential funding applications!  So please complete the online survey.  For completing the survey, there’s also a chance to win £200 for your group!

Here is the survey link

Please do find the time (it should take no longer than 15 minutes) to take part in this survey – only high levels of participation will make the final report as insightful and compelling as it can be! 


Reports and Information


St Peters Uniform Bank Provides Free School Uniforms

Paragraph St Peters Uniform Bank provides free school uniforms to anyone who lives in the DN5 area, or if their child attends a school in the area. The last dates it is open before children return to school are Fri 1st Sept and Sat 2nd Sept 10-12. All primary schools in the DN5 area are covered as well as Ridgewood and Don Valley High Schools. As it is self referral we have to be strict on the area coverage, however we are now in a position to accept professional referrals from out of area for primary school age children. This is a one off due to excess amounts of stock, but please note we do not have any high school uniforms for out of area. Colour wise we have black/grey trousers skirts and dresses, navy blue/royal blue/red jumpers and cardigans and white/red/light blue polo tops. 

Referrals should be made to  and the referee must email us. (Please do not use the QR code. We have already reached our maximum submission amount for the month and need to rectify this). The client must be able to collect from Town End Community Hub, Conyers Road, Bentley, DN5 9SU. The email should include the client’s name, postcode, contact number and/or email, the school the child attends, items needed including colour and sizes. An example email is below:

Name: Abigail Clarke 

Postcode: DN5 0AA

Contact details: 01302 540755  /

Child 1 

School :Bentley High Street School

Gender: Female

Size: 7-8 years

Needs: Black or grey dresses, polo tops and red cardigans

Child 2

School: Kirkby Avenue 

Gender: Male

Size: 12-13 years

Needs: Polo tops, navy jumper and black or grey trousers


Migration Yorkshire

Migration Yorkshire works with VCS representation at sub regional strategic meetings to ensure the voices of migrants and those supporting them are heard at a strategic level. 

There is a nomination process in each local authority in Yorkshire & Humberside so the VCS in each area can select their own representative to attend Sub Regional Strategic Migration Group meetings for Sept 2023-Aug 2024.  

Anyone is interested in taking up this role please notify Vicky Mulhern – 



Family Fun Day 26th August

Where: St Peters Church, High Street, Bentley, DN5 0AA

When: Saturday 26th August From 12pm till 3pm. 

Activities (all activities and lunch are FREE)

  • GSD song/poetry writing workshop
  • Print imperials creative workshop
  • Inflatables
  • Face painting
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Picnic lunch

Funding has been provided by the SIA VCFS fund.


Yorkshire Water Support Schemes Presentation

Please find below links to sign up for an online support scheme presentation by Yorkshire Water regarding the schemes and funds they have available for residents. They are open to anyone who would like more information on how to apply and access the various funds and grants that Yorkshire Water have available.

August 24th 2023 (12:00-13:00)

Click here to register for 24th August

September 19th 2023 (15:00-16:00)

Click here to register for 19th September

October 25th 2023 (09:00-10:00)

Click here to register for 25th October


Charities and climate change: How can we stop funding fossil fuels?

From natural disasters to widening social inequalities, the effects of climate change will impact the work of charities and the communities we support. 

Fossil fuel divestment is a practical way for charities to help tackle climate change. And the more charities we can get on board, the bigger the impact we’ll have. 

Join us at our upcoming Fuelling Positive Change event to learn more about fossil fuel divestment and why your organisation should consider divesting. 

Date:   Thursday 19 October 2023 

Time:   10.00–11.15

To know more and book your place click here.


Responding To Anti-LGBTQ+ Hate Conference

SAYiT ‘Break The Hate: Anti-LGBTQ+ Hate Conference’. This conference will bring together professionals, academics, and community members to explore the extent of anti-LGBTQ+ hate in the UK and responses to it by criminal justice and voluntary agencies. It will look at hate crime and other forms of anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination and related social problems which go beyond those covered by the criminal justice system.

Date: Monday 4th September 2023

Time: 9.30am – 4pm

Location: St. Mary’s Conference Centre, Bramall Lane, S2 4QZ

Hate crimes against LGBTQ+ individuals in the UK have seen a concerning rise in recent years. The UK Home Office’s 2022 hate crime report highlights a stark increase of 41% in homophobic hate crimes and 56% in transphobic hate crimes in England and Wales. This marks the most significant annual rise since 2012.

The conference aims to empower LGBTQ+ communities to feel safe and supported, challenge prejudice towards them, and demonstrate allyship. It will address these issues and the impact caused by anti-LGBTQ+ prejudices and provide a vehicle for cross-sector organisations to collaborate in respecting and promoting diversity, and challenging discrimination, othering and prejudice.

This event is open to anyone interested in challenging anti-LGBTQ+ hate, with particular relevance for those working in criminal and civil justice, frontline youth and community and support services, education, mental health, and LGBTQ+ organisations.

To book your place at the event click here.



Training Opportunities


Prevent Training

Ruksana Khan, Prevent Education Lead Officer for Sheffield is to deliver some free training via MS Teams which can be booked via Buy Doncaster using the links below:

Local Prevent Briefing for Doncaster School Leaders | Buy Doncaster (16th October 2023)

Local Prevent Briefing for Doncaster School Leaders | Buy Doncaster (16th January 2024)

You only need to attend one of the dates.

The Empower Course

The Endorphins are excited to announce we will be delivering The Empower course @ Woodlands community library on the 30th & 31st August.   More details are provided in this Welcome Pack 

If you have anyone who would benefit from our services, who lives in woodlands or its surrounding areas, please email to secure there space. 


Free webinar – New School Year, Same Struggles Ahead? 

The speaker is Dr Ross Greene, Clinical Psychologist and  founding director of Lives in the Balance.

The words ‘Back to School’ will soon be used on advertising all over the place – meant to excite children about the new pencil cases and stationery they can go and buy in readiness. But for children who struggle in school and have social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, the practitioners who work with them and their parents and carers, it can be a source of severe anxiety. What if this year is no different — or worse?

One thing’s for certain: if we keep doing the same thing, we’ll keep getting the same result. This webinar is an opportunity to think about how you can go back into a new school year alongside children and young people equipped with a new understanding of behaviour and a positive way of addressing children’s challenges that can bring about lasting change.

Clinical psychologist Dr Ross Greene is The New York Times bestselling author of The Explosive Child, Lost at School, Lost & Found and Raising Human Beings and the originator of the evidence-based Collaborative & Proactive Solutions model. In this webinar he’ll speak candidly about the need for change and what can be achieved when we adopt new lenses and new strategies for working with children and young people.

This is not just for those working in schools, it is for everyone who works with children and young people who have social, emotional and behavioural difficulties and who knows that improving their experience in school is key to improving outcomes for them overall.

 The learning outcomes from those attending are:

  • Gain clarity about responses that don’t result in positive change and the resolve to stop doing things that don’t work
  • Develop awareness of responses that escalate situations
  • Critically reflect on your own understanding of behaviour and the responses it legitimates
  • Gain confidence to explore how problem solving with children can change the way you relate to them and develop valuable life skills
  • Gain an understanding of how the CPS model results in change
  • Gain confidence in your ability to be an agent for change
  • Take away 9 resolutions for the new school year that will help bring about change – things you can do from now

It’s open for all professionals working with Children and Young People across the Doncaster Council network. 

Thursday 24th August at 10am – if you would like to book a place you can register here



Funding Opportunities


Is your charity tackling food poverty? You could get up to £5,000!

We know that the cost of living crisis has had a huge impact on our communities, particularly when it comes to food security.

If you’re running a:

  • food bank
  • community kitchen
  • school meals programme
  • community fridge
  • food parcel scheme

Or generally helping to tackle food poverty in your community, then you could get up to £5,000 from our Cost of Living Crisis Emergency Fund.

There are limited funds available and is distributed on a first come first served, so don’t delay and get your application in now!

This fund was made possible thanks to the kind donations from members of the public who wanted to help during the cost of living crisis. The more donations made to the fund, the more projects we will be able to support.

To find out more click here.


Webinar on Community Organisations Cost of Living Fund

NCVO are running a special free webinar to help people learn more about the government’s new Community Organisations Cost of Living Fund.

If your organisation has been grappling with increased demand and costs due to the ongoing high inflation, this fund could be a significant source of support.

You can apply for between £10,000 and £75,000.

They will be joined by staff from the National Lottery Community Fund who will help you decide whether you can apply for the fund and what the funding pays for.

It is from 2 – 3pm on Wednesday 30th August. Book a place here

Multiply Fund

Community Wealth Builder are able to offer a further round of Multiply funding to VCFS organisations. 

There have been some changes to the criteria so please read the guidance pack carefully.  Providers will be required to register for Enable and submit their data and evidence directly onto this portal (full details will be given if successful with your application). 

There are 2 types of activity: – Numeracy to support employability – Learner and Numeracy Life Skills – Engagement

Learner activities are only suitable for those groups with qualified tutors.

Engagement activities are open to all

Applications of up to £2,000 are welcome.

All groups must be a member for Community Wealth Builder – if you have not signed up to this FREE programme of support, advice, training and networking opportunities, please contact and a member of the team will complete the sign-up paperwork.

Completed applications must be submitted to  by 11.59pm on Monday 28th August 2023 and should include the following documents: –

  • Your governing document
  • A bank statement dated within the last 6 months
  • Your Health and Safety Policy
  • Your Safeguarding Policy
  • Level 3 Safeguarding certificate for the Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • DBS register for all staff and volunteers
  • Insurance Documents
  • Risk Assessments for the activities
  • Subsidy Control Declaration (a copy is included in the guidance pack)

Know Your Neighbourhood Grants

Creative Lives is managing a major new grants scheme for voluntary creative groups in England, as part of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport’s Know Your Neighbourhood (KYN) fund.  Bids from cultural and community groups who want to use creativity to combat chronic loneliness and increase volunteering in the 27 Know Your Neighbourhood Priority Places.  All the information is available on our website  Know Your Neighbourhood grants | Creative Lives (


Community Ownership Fund – Round 3 open

DLUHC’s Community Ownership Fund is open for applications. 

From this window, they will be increasing the amount of funding that all new applicants can bid for from £1 million to £2 million.

All changes are explained in full in the updated prospectus

Interested groups can start their Community Ownership Fund application journey through submitting an Expression of Interest form at any time.


South Yorkshire Neighbourhood Pilot – Offering family support during pregnancy and beyond

NHS South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (ICB) Children’s and Young People’s Alliance (CYP) and the Local Maternity and Neonatal System (LMNS) have won a bid for £435k per year over 2 years to enhance intervention led early years services across South Yorkshire.  The work will build on existing partnerships to consider new ways of working across systems to ensure there is a real focus on prevention and supporting the families holistic needs.  The focus will be from conception to 1 years of age.

Please see instructions in the draft service specification  to be able to register either as a stakeholder/ interested party, or as a potential provider.  Registering as an interested party will ensure you are kept abreast of any developments.  The tender deadline will be w/c 25th September 2023.



Volunteering Opportunities

Please see what current volunteering opportunities are available on our website.  


Job Opportunities

Please see this week’s Advance Vacancy Bulletin  with a range of roles based within Doncaster.


Marketing Manager – Doncaster Chamber

We are seeking a dynamic and creative Marketing Manager to take a lead role in driving forward the next stage of our Marketing Strategy. Can you support our commercial growth, amplify our brand and generate a strong pipeline of new leads?

The Marketing Manager is a strategic and operational role within the Chamber with the lead responsibility for devising, implementing, monitoring and refining an effective B2B marketing strategy that supports the delivery of the Business Plan.

The ideal candidate will possess a keen eye for detail, a talent for coming up with well thought out ideas and the tenacity to ensure they translate into tangible results.

Joining our dynamic team presents an exciting opportunity to make a significant impact on Doncaster.

For more information about the role click here

To apply please send a CV to Louise via email at 

Opportunities working at Mind

Community Coach (HIU) Needed

Here is an opportunity for you to help those that others may have either forgotten about or turned away.

If you are passionate about helping others, experienced and a motivated team player, with experience of working with people with complex needs.

Please contact via email or call 01302 812190


Therapy Coordinator

If you would like to work in a small team in Doncaster that is going through a period of significant growth and development especially with expanding its therapeutic services, then you might want to read more about this job role. 

We are seeking individuals with passion and enthusiasm that will take responsibility for the day-to-day coordination of all therapy services. This individual will work to implement, maintain the service working closely with a qualified counsellor, volunteer counsellors and students on placement. The post does not involve delivery of therapeutic interventions but there will be a significant level of client contact to complete initial assessments and to undertake the necessary liaison regarding accessing therapy and scheduling appointments.  

If this is of interest to you, contact to discuss this role further or visit Doncaster Mind Therapy Coordinator 


Preferred Providers 

We are looking for people to join our Preferred Providers Network-This is a framework that allows people to join us as an independent provider, either as a Sessional counsellor, Group activity facilitator or Self-help course facilitator so that we are able to continue providing our services like counselling, courses and groups. It is a continuous activity, which means that we would always need people, so anyone who is passionate about supporting people with their mental health and have a skill or hobby that they want to share with others, is welcome to join by applying here Doncaster Mind – Preferred Providers Framework (paid work) 


Crossroads Care Rotherham – Care Support Workers

Male and female Care Support Workers are required to work throughout the Rotherham Borough.Duties include the provision of personal care tasks and carer/family support working in the clients own home.

We are looking to employ people with a caring, flexible attitude who have their own transport and telephone. Experience is preferred but not essential.

We offer:

  • Attractive rates of pay, plus enhancements for Weekend/Bank Holiday
  • Mileage Allowance
  • Flexible working hours
  • Generous holiday entitlement
  • Full training programme including Health & Social Care Diploma Level 2

Employment is subject to suitable references, medical and enhanced DBS check.

More information and details of how to apply can be found on their website



Contribute to our Next Newsletter!

If you have an article, job opportunity or funding opportunity you would like to see included in the next edition of this newsletter, please send it to us at by 1pm on Wednesday 30/08/2023.

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