Central Community Investment Fund 

Grants of up to £2,000 are available for VCFS organisations in the Doncaster Central Locality. This area comprises Balby, Hexthorpe, Clay Lane, Intake, Wheatley, Hyde Park, City Centre and Bessacar.


The Fund is to support and maximise the energy and innovation community groups bring to Doncaster. The fund will support organisations in growing, adapting and sustaining services and activities that seek to build on the strengths of a community, tackle community challenges, increase accessibility and address the most prevalent health and wealth inequalities. 


To be eligible for this funding your group must target one or more of the health and wealth priorities in the Central locality:


  • Children and young people’s provisions in their local community
  • Training and employment opportunities
  • Address some of the most prevalent health conditions, including but not limited to (Respiratory conditions, Diabetes, Obesity, Cancer)
  • Poor healthy lifestyle choices (including weight management, smoking cessation, physical inactivity, drug, and alcohol misuse) 
  • Activities which raise awareness around mental health within the community
  • Social isolation
  • Neighbourhood Safety
  • Increasing use of community assets such as community spaces and green spaces 
  • Increasing a sense of community spirit.


Criteria for Applicants


Organisations which must be either a UK registered charity, community interest company, credit union or a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee or social enterprise company.


  • Community interest companies and social enterprise organisations must have a governing document which shows the name, aim/purpose, objects of the group, including a dissolution clause (what happens if your group stops operating)
  • Organisations with an annual turnover of less than £150,000 (this includes grant income)


Individuals and Un-constituted groups


Individuals or groups who are un-constituted and/or do not have a bank account are advised to contact your local Well Doncaster Officer. They will discuss your idea with you and provide support to become constituted. 


Funding Available


Organisations can only apply for the Community Investment Fund once.


CIF Grants (up to £2,000)


The Locality Investment Community grant provides an opportunity for smaller, less-resourced community groups in Doncaster to make a difference. The process provides an easily accessible and alternative method compared to the traditional written application. 

Applicants are required to complete an application of their choice (video/verbal/presentation/ written application). Applicants will be asked to submit a full cost breakdown – please do not submit a blanket applicant for the full grant amount without demonstrating the need. All applicants must ensure the application reflects the questions on the application form. Anonymised applications will be reviewed and scored by a locality community-led panel. Please download and complete this application form


Examples of what we do not fund:-


    • For-profit organisations, statutory organisations (e.g. schools and hospitals) or overseas organisations
    • Activities promoting religious beliefs, however this does not exclude the faith sector
    • Political activities
    • Goods or services that have already been purchased or ordered
    • Activities outside of the Borough of Doncaster
    • Trips and holidays
    • Costs that are already included within and funded by an existing grant or contract
    • Endowments / loan repayments
  • Items that can only benefit an individual

The distribution of this funding will be managed by Voluntary Action Doncaster, who will convene a panel consisting of representatives from the locality, which may include Ward and Parish/Town Members, PCN, Schools, GPs, young advisors etc.

The fund will remain open until funding has been allocated.


For further information and guidance please see the following document:- Click here

To apply, please complete the application form and the required documents and send to cifcentral@voluntaryactiondoncaster.org.uk

For support and information please contact cifcentral@voluntaryactiondoncaster.org.uk



Please remember to maintain social distancing

be careful, be responsible, be safe