Doncaster VCFS Fund

A group of Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector organisations are coming together to manage a local fund established to distribute locally to help the sector address a range of community needs arising from the COVID-19 restrictions. We want to support organisations in growing and sustaining provision which tackles inequalities, social exclusion, social isolation and loneliness, and especially provide humanitarian support to the most vulnerable and the clinically extremely vulnerable in Doncaster, of which there are approximately 15,500.

We are particularly interested in supporting activities which:
● help vulnerable people during Covid-19 with basic needs;
● address social and health inequalities;
● help alleviate service pressures;
● strengthen existing community services and support;
● help people remain safe when providing community services;
● build capacity within local communities to grow and sustain provision;
● support to access digital;
● provide all age wellbeing support including opening access to arts, local culture and heritage activities;
● offer BAME community support;
● deliver education and training for VCFS groups;
● supports carers;
● deliver unconscious bias and equality and diversity training;
● develop resources for BAME communities (culturally sensitive information and key messages to be used widely by partners);
● link communities together to celebrate diversity and encourage community cohesion; and
● activities which raise awareness around mental health within the community.

Activities that are in scope include:
● Volunteer recruitment, development, retention and expenses.
● Food and basic provisions and PPE
● Assets for food preparation and delivery.
● IT equipment for digital delivery e.g., Befriending, mental health support, counselling, diversionary/healthy living activities.
● Collection and delivery of basic provisions (excluding prescriptions)
● Transporting clinically extremely vulnerable to essential medical appointments or to participate in wellbeing activities
● Supporting and encouraging people to apply for the support they need and may be eligible for
● Creating virtual support networks

Funding Available
With contributions from South Yorkshire Housing Association, Social Isolation Alliance and Doncaster Council fund for Covid support. If any funding is not spent within the 12 month time frame the funding must be returned.

Funding Panel
The distribution of this funding will be managed by the Social Isolation Alliance and Voluntary Action Doncaster. These organisations have convened a panel consisting of representatives from the funding providers, the sector and Local Authority. The panel will meet fortnightly from January 2020 to assess the bids submitted and to agree awards. Payments will be processed promptly in order to allow work to be started quickly. This fund will remain open until funding has been allocated.

Eligibility criteria
To be eligible to apply for and receive funding your group must fit the following criteria:
● Be a not for profit, third sector, voluntary or community group.
● Be connected with or meet the needs of Doncaster communities.
● Have a bank or building society account where at least two signatories are required to draw funds.
● Have a governing document that has a minimum of name, aim and membership.
● Meet due diligence requirements especially around safeguarding.
● Have evidence of community involvement in their application.

We will be considering Grants in 3 Bands*

  1. Micro Grant (up to £750):
    Due to successful projects illustrating positive change that can happen with a small pocket of money, moving forward we are offering organisations the opportunity for organisations to apply individually or work together and connect their funding to make a larger impact on positive community change.
    It is intended to make this application process simple and responsive through an outline of proposals or presentation to the grants panel. During this process applicants must however confirm that the grant will be spent on activities/equipment aligned with objectives in the funding scope. Successful applicants must also evidence their impact via customer stories, case studies or presentations.
  2. General Grant (between £751 – £5000):
    Again we would like to encourage partnership working so two organisations working with allocated general-grants could access a maximum of £10,000 to achieve their goals. To ensure that many organisations could benefit from this opportunity only two organisations can partner together.
  3. Large Grant (up to £20,000 for max 4 organisation collaborative): NB THE LARGE GRANT IS IS NOW CLOSED
    Partnerships of larger groups and mutually beneficial collaborations will be considered where supporting a particular place or contributing significantly to making a long-lasting impact to local communities or a particular disadvantaged or excluded group in Doncaster.
    As a condition of funding we would ask you to help us in capturing stories, experiences and conversations about your projects and how they have impacted the people you are supporting and the wider community.
    * From 7 April 2021, the Large Grant is closed and no further applications can be considered.

Funding Requirements
If successful in being awarded a micro grant we would invite you to complete the following:
● Keep a record of the different types of engagement activities that you have used this grant to support.
● Write a short report on the outcomes of your discussions about local health and care services using the templates that we have given you.
● Explore further partnership working in Doncaster, where appropriate.
● Share photos, videos and people’s experience of the engagement activities (providing consent is given by participants).
● Share your project on social media.

Applications will not be accepted for activities promoting religious beliefs, political activities or goods that have already been bought or ordered.

There are additional reporting requirements for the General and Large Grants which you can find more information about on the General & Large Grants application form (also available in Word Document format).

For General/Large Grant enquiries you can contact the Well Doncaster officer for your area:


Hannah McWilliams

01302 736748 /  07970 426835


Kerry Hughes

01302 737433 / 07971 955519


James Parsonage

01302 737891 / 07971 031077


Faye McDool

01302 736001 / 07971 396083

Completed applications for General & Large Grants can be emailed to 

You can complete the Micro-Grant application by completing the form below, or by downloading the PDF or Word Document version, which should then be emailed to

If you would like help and support to complete your application then please do not hesitate to contact us directly via this dedicated micro-grant email.